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About TTOM

TTOM Limited Liability Company based in Bialystok sells machinery and equipment for pouch production, pouch filling and packaging industry as well as additional equipment such as spare parts. TTOM also offers repair, maintenance and installation services for production machinery and equipment.
TTOM offers machines that give the highest standards and quality. Its provides services and devices, mainly to European countries.
Customers deciding to cooperate with TTOM will receive a high quality product as well as a number of complementary services such as configuration, maintenance and assembly – sale of machines; support during the product implementation process, product quality and service guarantee.
TTOM provides dedicated services and supplies to customers from the manufacturing industry, interested in buying packaging machines, assembling a production team (machine consisting of individual modules) on the basis of a prepared project, taking into account the customer’s needs in terms of production volumes, type of packaging and investment volume. In addition, the customer receives a set of services related to the operation of machines.
The key aspect is the quality of the products and services and the size of the machines, which, compared to the competition, occupy a much smaller area, which in turn allows for more efficient use of production space.
In the course of its activity, the company is constantly developing, investing in modern technologies and expanding the product range, raising the standards of products and services. It has the capital resources required to build new business concepts.